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Vegetarian Appetizers

  Two steamed rice cakes served with sambar  

Sambar Idli

  Two steamed rice cakes dipped in sambar  
  Kanjivaram Idli
  Two steamed rice cakes made with mixed vegetables  


  Two fried lentil pastries served with sambar  

Sambar Vada

  Two fried lentil pastries depped in sambar  

Masala Vada

  Four deep fried pastries made with split pea flour  

Dahi Vada

  Two lenthil pastries marinated in mildly spiced yogurt  


  Cream of wheat with onion, chili, ginger, and cashew nuts  

Pakora(Onion or Spinach or Mixed)

  Fritters: dipped in mildly spiced batter and deep fried  

Chili Bajji

  Chili peppers dipped in gram flour batter and deep fried in oil  
  Mysore Bajji
  Small fried balls made from maida flour mixed with yogurt  

Cut Mirchi

  Deep fried chili pakora garnished with spiced onions  
  Two fried crisp patties stuffed with potatoes & peas  

Vegetable Cutlet

  Pan fried vegetable cakes  

Aloo 65

  Fried potato with spices  
  Gobi 65
  Deep fried cauliflower florets mixed with Indian spices  

Non Vegetarian Appetizers


Chicken 65

  Marinated chicken deep fried in spice & curry leaves  

Chili Chicken

  Shredded boneless chicken sauteed with hot chilies  

Chicken Tikka

  Boneless chicken cooked in a spicy sauce  

Chicken Sangrilla

  Boneless chicken sauteed in spice garnished with curry leaves & cashew nuts  

Chicken 555

  Shredded boneless chicken sauteed in a three spice sauce  

Chicken Drumsticks

  Chicken cooked with onion, bell pepper, chili, and ginger sauce  

Sea Food Specialities


Shrimp Pakora

  Fried fritters prepared with shrimp  

Fish Pakora

  Fried fritters made with fish  

Kabab Specialities


Chicken Tikka Kabab

  Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt with herbs & spices  

Grill Chicken

  Chicken marinated in yogurt with herbs & spices  

Dosa Specialities


Plain Dosa

  Crepe prepared with fermented lentil & rice flour  

Onion Dosa (with chili)

  Dosa stuffed with onion and chili  

Paper Dosa

  Crispy, thin rice crepe  

Spring Dosa

  Crepe prepared with lentil and rice flour cut into fine pieces  

Masala Dosa

  Crepe stuffed with vegetable curry  

Spicy Masala Dosa

  Crepe prepared with chili and spicy sauces  

Paneer Dosa

  Thin rice crepe filled with homemade cheese  

Plain Rava Dosa

  Crispy, thin crepe made with creame of wheat and rice flour  

Rava Masala Dosa

  Thin crepe made with cream of wheat and rice flour, stuffed with vegetable curry  

Rava Mysore Masala Dosa

  Crepe made with wheat cream and rice flour with sauces  

Abhiruchi South Indian Combo

  Masala Dosa with one idli, one vada and sambar  

Plain Pesarattu (with chili)

  Crepe made with moong bean flour  

Abhiruchi Special Pesarattu

  Crepe made with moong bean flour and stuffed with upma  

Plain Utappam

  Thick pancake  

Spicy Onion Chili Utappam

  Thick pancake with onion and chili  
  Vegetable Utappam
  Thick pancake with vegetables  

Cheese Utappam

  Thick pancake with paneer  

Abhruchi Non Vegetarian Thali


Indo Chinese Specialties


Vegetable Manchurian

  Assorted vegetables served in Manchurian sauce  
  Gobi Manchurian
  Fried cauliflower florets prepared with Manchurian sauce  

Chicken Manchurian

  Chicken prepared in Manchurian sauce  

Chili Chicken Gravy

  Boneless chicken seasoned with gravy  

Chili Shrimp

  Marinated shrimp prepared with chilies, garlic, and ginger  

Chili Fish

  Marinated fish cooked with chilies, garlic, and ginger  

Chili Lamb

  Lamb pieces prepared with chilies, garlic, and ginger  


  Indian Chinese style noodles prepared with carrots, green onions and special sauces  

Vegetable Fried Rice

  Fried rice cooked with assorted vegetables  

Egg Fried Rice

  Fried rice prepared with egg  

Side Orders & Bread



  Two crisp lentil wafers  


  Bread prepared from a dough of wheat flour  

Andhra Chapathi

  Thick bread prepared from wheat flour and served with aloo koorma  


  Deep fried puffed wheat bread  


  Plain white Basmati rice  


  Fresh yogurt with spices, cucumber, onions & tomatoes  



Fruit Salad

  Dessert prepared from rich and sweetened milk and fruits  

Mango Kulfi

  Ice cream prepared from mangoes and nuts  

Gulab Jamun

  Milk balls & wheat flour soaked in flavored sugar syrup  


  Homemade cheese balls in a creamy sauce  

Carrot Halwa

  Grated carrot with condensed milk & garnished with cashew nuts  

Rice Kheer

  Rice pudding prepared from vermicelli and tapioca in milk  



Soda (Coke/Pepsi)


Mineral Water


Mango Lassi


Mango Juice


Sweet Lassi


Salt Lassi


Butter Milk (Majjiga)

  Madras Coffee  

Masala Chai



  Tomato Soup  
  Chicken corn Soup  

Vegetarian Entrees (Served with Nan or Rice)

  Okra Fry  

Fried okra prepared with southern spices

  Okra Masala  

Okra cooked with chopped onions & tomatoes

  Dondakaya (Tindoora) Fry  

Fine pieces of Tindoora fried in oil & cooked with Andhra spices

  Aloo Koorma  

Potatoes cooked in a mild homemade cream sauce

  Aloo Gobi  

Potatoes & cauliflower cooked with special sauces

  Guthi Vankaya (Bagara Baingan)  

Whole baby eggplant stuffed with chopped red chilly,
cinnamon, cardamom & chana dal

  Aratikaya Vepudu (Banana Fry)  

Deep fried banana prepared with traditional spices

  Spinach Ball Curry                

Small balls of spinach cooked in tomato sauce

  Kaddu Ka Salan (Sorakaya)                

Squash cooked in spicy sauces

  Mirchi Ka Salan     

Mild chili cooked in spicy tamarind sauce

  Vegetable Jahlfrezi  

Assorted vegetables cooked in a sweet & spicy curry sauce

  Dal Curry                

Lentils made with spinach & tomatoes

  Navarathan Koorma  

Vegetables cooked in a mildly spiced creamy sauce

  Palak Paneer  

Chopped spinach with homemade cheese cubes

  Chana Masala       

Garbanzo beans cooked with special herbs & spices

  Mutter Paneer  

Green peas & homemade cheese cubes

  Baingan Bartha  

Roasted eggplant seasoned with herbs & spices

  Egg Plant Curry (Vankaya)  

Eggplant prepared with onion, chili, ginger

  Mixed Vegetable Curry  
  Mixed vegetables cooked with special sauces  

Non Vegetarian Entrees (Served with Nan or Rice)

  Andhra Chicken Curry  

Succulent pieces of chicken cooked in finely ground fresh masala

  *Gongura Chicken  

Chicken curry prepared with gongura leaves & boneless chicken

  Palak Chicken  

Boneless chicken cooked with fresh spinach & mild spices

  Chicken Vindaloo  

Boneless chicken cooked in a pungent gravy with potatoes
and spicy sauces

  Chicken Tikka Masala  

White breast meat baked in clay oven, with thick spiced gravy

  Chicken Koorma  

Pieces of chicken cooked in yogurt sauce

  Ginger Chicken  

Boneless chicken prepared with special ginger sauce

  Chicken Saag  
  Boneless chicken pieces cooked in a thick spinach gravy  
  Chicken Kadai  

Boneless chicken pan fried & coated with spices

  Butter Chicken  

Boneless chicken cooked in mild butter sauce

  *Chicken Fry  

Pieces of chicken fried in a pan with spices

Lamb & Goat Entrees
  Lamb Curry  

Boneless lamb prepared with rich & mild curry sauce

  Lamb Vindaloo  

Boneless lamb cooked with potatoes

  Lamb Kadai  

Pan fried lamb pieces coated with spices

  Lamb Koorma  

Fine pieces of lamb cooked in yogurt sauce

  Lamb Fry                 

Fine pieces of lamb fried in a pan with spices

  Kheema Curry  

Minced meat made with variety of spices & masala

  Goat Curry  

Pieces of goat cooked in finely ground fresh masala

  Goat Koorma  

Succulent pieces of goat  with blend of yogurt & spices

  Goat Vindaloo  

Pieces of goat cooked with potatoes and spicy sauces

  *Goat Fry  
  Pieces of goat fried in a pan with spices  

Biriyani Specials (served w/raita & masala gravy)

  Vegetable Biriyani                

Variety of vegetables cooked with Basmati rice & spices

  Egg Biriyani  

Egg cooked with Basmati rice & spices

  Hyderabad Chicken Dum Biriyani  
  Chicken cooked with Basmati rice &  South Indian spices  
  Abhiruchi Special Biriyani  

Boneless chicken cooked with Basmati rice & spices

  Mutton Biriyani  

Mutton cooked with Basmati rice & spices

  Lamb Biriyani  

Lamb cooked with Basmati rice & spices

  Shrimp Biriyani  

Shrimp cooked with Basmati rice & spices


Rice Varieties

  Tamarind Rice  

Basmati rice cooked in tamarind sauce

  Lemon Rice  

Fine Basmati rice prepared with lemon flavor

  Vangi Bath  

Eggplant stirred with rice

  Bisi Bella Bath  

Rice cooked with fresh vegetables and lentils

  Curd Rice  

Rice mixed with yogurt and spices


Thali (includes 2 curries (dal curry included), sambar, nan, raitha or yogurt, papadam, pickle, rice & dessert)

  Abhiruchi Vegetarian Thali                 
  Abhiruchi Non Vegetarian Thali  
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